7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Purchasing Shelving


1. Lack of Planning

When planning your layout, you should look at what your competitor are doing, and have a look what the major chain stores do in terms of merchandising and layouts. These companies have the benefit of travelling to international trade shows and staying up with their international counterparts, which you may not be able to. They also have specialists who understand what can be done to highlight the product and position the product to get maximum exposure and the best ROI.

2. Not Understanding Your Options

You may have a specialized product that does not display well using standard shelving. It is worth asking what options might be available for your type of product as you have the experience of local experts plus the manufacturer who supplies all over the world. There may be a system that is specifically designed or can be modified to enhance your product that is already available

3. Not using Plan-a-grams

You should think about, in detail where each product is going to be displayed in your floor plan. A plan-a-gram is a 2 dimensional drawing of your layout, that shows where each bay will go (top View) and what will be displayed where (front View) By using this type of plan, you will budget for exactly what you want to display and how it will look before you have even started. There are retail designer who specialises in these designs and there may well be one who specialises in your type of product. Please ask us if you need help.

4. Product weight

When thinking about the type of display you want, you should consider the weight of your product. This is important as if you want to display wine, or tools for example, it is possible that your product would be too heavy for standard shelving, leaving you with not many options

5. Timing

If you have a store opening coming up, your planning, layouts and planagrams need to be finished well in advance, allowing plenty of time to get quotes and place orders. If you require a reasonable quantity, specific colour or specialized design then it is most likely that it will need to be ordered in. This can take up to 8 weeks. It is common to see customers leave their order to the last minute, and have to start paying rent on an empty shop while waiting for their order, simply because they took to long to place their order. Get in early and expect to wait for delivery

6. Deliver problems

The size of a shelving order can be significant. The location and timing of the delivery can take time to arrange if you have specific needs or limited access. A large order could be 10,000kgs and 8-10 double pallets. If this requires hand unloads, or tailgate assisted deliveries, or delivery at a certain time, this requires some organization especially if it’s interstate. Be ready. Have people there to help, and have access for the truck clear and ready to go. You will get charged for excessive waiting time, and things like, re-delivery, tailgates and hand unloads. Think about the weather. Consider your neighbor who might have a forklift. Damage and extra charges are most likely to occur during transport and un loading, and it will be your responsibility. Also unless arranged prior the delivery driver is probably not going to help with the unloading, so consider this when you arrange your freight.

7. Not assembling to your plan

By far, the biggest issue in shelving assembly and construction is caused by you not building to your plan. If you add another bay on somewhere or an extra shelf somewhere you will be short somewhere else. Shop Supplies keeps detailed notes and records of what you have ordered, and we triple check before we dispatch so if you don't have enough or think you are missing items, it is most likely because you have constructed the shelving in a different way to what it was ordered.