86cm Closet Organiser/Tool Hold

SKU: FG199300 GRAY

86cm Closet Organiser/Tool Hold

86cm Closet Organiser/Tool Hold SKU: FG199300 GRAY

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86cm Closet Organiser/Tool Hold


  • Helps increase productivity and efficiency through better tool storage and access.
  • Deep double hooks for accessibility. Clip holder for work notes and instructions.
  • Carry sling stores and transports hoses and extension cords.
  • 3 x S-hooks hold 1.6 cm to 3.2 cm diam. brush and mop handles
  • 2 x Deep Double Hooks afford easy accessibility
  • 1 x Extension Lead Holder
  • 1 x Clip Holder for work notes and instructions

Length: 864mm

Width: 83mm

Height: 108mm

Width 83mm
Length 864mm
Height 108mm
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