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Coloured Wrap with 10 different colors



Coloured wrapping provides a fantastic opportunity to brighten up your business packaging and gift wrapping

It is available  in ten different colours plus plain brown.

Each role comes in lengths of 50 meters and width of 500mm

4 rolls per pack making it 200m of wrapping paper

Buying Guide
Prod CodeColourHeightWidthGussetcarton Quantity
BW1 Light Blue 50m 500mm - 1
BW2 Lime Green 50m 500mm - 1
BW3 Pink 50m 500mm - 1
BW4 Passion Purple 50m 500mm - 1
BW5 Yellow 50m 500mm - 1
BW6 Orange 50m 500mm - 1
BW7 Red 50m 500mm - 1
BW8 Metallic Gold 50m 500mm - 1
BW9 Matallic Silver 50m 500mm - 1
BW10 White 50m 500mm - 1
Packing 1
Width 500mm
Length 50 meters
Construction Bee Wrap
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