Multi-Glide Dividers 95mm


Multi-Glide Dividers 95mm

Multi-Glide Dividers 95mm SKU: DIVIDER95

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Multi-Glide Dividers 95mm

Availability: In stock

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Multi Glide breakable Centre Divider 95mm x 635mm
Multi Glide breakable Left Divider 95mm x 635mm
Multi Glide breakable Right Divider 95mm x 635mm


The Multi-Glide drink fridge merchandising system

The clear Plastic dividers are 95mm high which allows for medium height products such as 600mm and 1 litre bottles

You will need the right combination of mats to suit your shelf width

You will also need a left hand and a right hand divider for either end of each shelf

The amount centre dividers required depends on the width if the product being displays

The Multi-Glide dividers are manufactured using the highest grade clear PVC, and will stay clear without fading

Each divider simply clips into place on the mat using its own clips

Installed in seconds, this system will keep your fridge looking full all the time

Multi Glide
Construction High Quality PVC
Length 635mm
Height 95mm
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