Floor Hat Spinner

SKU: SP220

Floor Standing Hat Spinner Arriving Soon

Floor Hat Spinner SKU: SP220

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Floor Hat Spinner


Floor Standing Hat Spinner which Includes fittings to attach promotional signage and pricing information

Individual spinner height level is adjustable and Rotates independently

Flat Packed for easy shipping

These are light Duty only and will not carry heavy product

Buying Guide
Product CodeDescriptionLevelsHeightWidth
SP100 Counter 6 Prong 2 830 460
SP110 Counter 8 Prong 2 830 460
SP120 Counter Hat 2 830 460
SP130 Counter 12 Prong 2 830 460
SP200 Floor 6 Prong 4 1730 460
SP210 Floor 8 Prong 4 1730 460
SP220 Floor Hat 4 1730 540
SP8435 Card Spinner 8 1690 520
Packing Flat Packed
Levels 4 Adjustable Height Levels
Width 540mm
Height 1730mm
Depth 540mm
Finish Chrome
Diameter 540mm
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