Heavy Duty Wire Shelving System - Various sizes-1500x450mm


360º VIEW Heavy Duty Wire Shelving System - Various sizes-1500x450mm

Heavy Duty Wire Shelving System - Various sizes-1500x450mm SKU: Z1545KIT

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Chrome Wire Shelving Kit 1500mm x 450mm


Heavy Duty Wire Shelving System with 4 shelf levels

Easy to assemble and no tools required

Zinc Plating makes this wire shelving system ideal for Cool room application. Zinc plating is designed to resist any rust

Additional shelves are available separately

Accessories, such as Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel with Roller Bearings, Shelf Dividers, Front Fences, Joiners, Hang Rails and Hooks are also available

For use with all Wire Shelving systems

Zinc Plated to avoid corrosion *see Notes on Zinc Plating below


What is Zinc Plating and why is it Perfect for Fridges, cool rooms and freezers?

Zinc plating is the most common electroplated coating that is normally applied to ferrous components to give corrosion protection

The coating can be coloured to give gold; black or olive drab coatings by post treatment. The protective nature and attractive appearance of zinc make it a popular coating for nuts, bolts, washers, metal stampings and automotive parts, such as interior components and gas filters.

In addition, zinc serves as an effective undercoat for paints when high corrosion performance is required.

Zinc coating Provides the perfection protection for Cool room Shelving for Freezers and Cool Rooms, eliminating rust or corrosion

The basic principle behind electroplating is the process of depositing a metal layer on a metal base using a direct current through an electrolyte solution.

Zinc is one of the easiest metals to plate, giving good corrosion protection without using exotic chemicals.

The finish can be polished to give a shiny lustre almost as good as chromium.

Zinc Plating is commonly used on Shopping Trolleys

Buying Guide
Product CodeHeightLengthDepth
 Z0945HD  1800mm   900mm  450mm
 Z1245HD  1800mm  1200mm  450mm
 Z1545HD  1800mm  1500mm  450mm
 Z1845HD  1800mm  1800mm  450mm
 Z1860HD  1800mm  1800mm  600mm
Packing Flat
Levels 4 Levels
Shelf Size 1500x450mm
Wheels Optional
Height 1800mm
Length See Buying Guide
Finish Zinc
Construction Steel Wire
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