Ballot Box, Lockable With Header in CLEAR acrylic

SKU: BB666c

Lockable CLEAR acrylic Ballot Box With Header

Ballot Box, Lockable With Header in CLEAR acrylic SKU: BB666c

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Lockable CLEAR Ballot Box With Header


CLEAR Ballot Box, Lockable, with Header 

This acrylic ballot box, ballot box has an sign holder that holds your graphic in landscape orientation.

Customers are more likely to contribute funds or ideas to this ballot box when they can read a custom graphic that shows the purpose of this coin collection box

The charity donation box are made from smoke colour acrylic.

With a 110mm slot in the top of the box that makes it much more convenient in placing money or suggestions cards.

This lockable charity/ballot collection box include two keys so that managers and owners can access the case contents.

Tampering of items placed within the display is hard due to the locked design.

Charity/ballot collection box has many style to choose from. They are a popular item used at charity event OR feedback collection.

If you are looking for other sizes acrylic donation box, we have them in A5 and A4 ballot box.

Buying Guide
SKU  Header Size Height  Width Depth Card Size
66602 A5 360mm 220mm 160mm 148x210mm
66612 A4 435mm  315mm 215mm 297x210mm 


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