Long Span 4 Shelf Levels Starter Bay-2400x450-2200mm

SKU: LS242245

Long Span 4 Shelf Levels Starter Bay-2400x450-2200mm On Sale

Long Span 4 Shelf Levels Starter Bay-2400x450-2200mm SKU: LS242245

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Long Span Starter Bay, 2400 x 2200 x 450
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Long Span 4 Shelf Levels Starter Bay

Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving is a Modular Shelving System that is made up of Frames, Beams and Shelf Levels and is the perfect storage solution for any application. It is basically a Mini Pallet Rack System and is not only heavy Duty, but looks great and is commonly used in retail environments as much as in storage applications.

Long Span Shelving is perfect for box storage, Garage storage, Archive storage, Spare Parts storage, and Retail Storage for Heavy Items plus many more applications. Four Shelf Levels are standard, but we can supply any number you require. Just select the shelf Levels required in the drop down box at the top of the page.

Colour is a hard wearing. Each Shelf is supplied with an 18mm Chipboard shelf that firs neatly and tightly into the recessed box section beam. It sits level with the top edge of the beam and locks in place.

Frames are supplied unassembled and require a 5mm allen key and 3/8" spanner. (However, 1 frame is delivered assembled as a guide)

Footprint : 2320 mm X 510 mm

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