Opticon OPR2001 1D H/Held Laser Scanner w/Stand



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Opticon OPR2001 1D H/Held Laser Scanner w/Stand SKU: OPR2001BKIT-U

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Opticon OPR2001 1D H/Held Laser Scanner w/Stand


The OPR-2001 is a sleek, high speed laser scanner that looks stylish and modern on every counter or service desk. The ability to place this scanner on the stand on auto-trigger will free up your hands so they can be used elsewhere.


The OPR-2001 is mostly used in retail, counter and service tasks where mobility is not a requirement but effortless scanning is part of the job.  With this product, you can seamlessly integrate scanning into your work process. Because of the stylish design the scanner will look good in any modern retail or service location.

How we describe the OPR-2001

The OPR-2001 is a slim scanner that is designed to provide a smooth scanning experience while looking modern on every counter. With a powerful engine this scanner can perform up to 100 scans per second and can even read accurately if the barcodes are low contrast. The complementary stand can provide a hands free scanning option that will help to free up the hands for other tasks.

This scanner is lightweight, available in a timeless black colour. It uses little space on your counter and is easy to integrate with your system. The scanner comes with an included USB interface cable.


- 100 scans per second

- Low contrast scanning

- Auto trigger modus

- Ergonomic design

- Hands Free Stand included

- USB Interface Cable Included

- 12 Month Warranty


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