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Shopping Baskets from Shop Supplies

Providing customers with a convenient way to shop in store should be a priority for retail businesses. The most practical way to do this is usually using shopping baskets or trolleys.

At Shop Supplies, we stock a variety of high quality plastic shopping baskets and metal shopping baskets. Sizing of baskets is another important variable and we carry a wide range of capacities, including 20 litre, 22 litre, 28 litre, 29 litre, 30 litre, 43 litre and 64 litre baskets.

In addition to size, you might have a preferred colour and we can offer you red, blue or metal to cater to any colour scheme. As with our other products, if you need a product that does not appear on our website, simply contact us and we can source it for you.

When offering larger capacity shopping baskets to your customers (usually above 30 litres), the wheelie basket or trolley basket variants are usually the best option for safety and ease of use for your customers.

Finally, stacking your shopping baskets to maintain your store’s tidiness is no problem as we carry basket stands with wheels.

Buy your shopping baskets in bulk from Shop Supplies and save.

Have a general question about shopping baskets or require specific product advice? Call us on (02) 9773 0246 or email us at and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Shop Supplies prides itself on being 100% Australian owned and operated and we strive to provide high quality products at highly competitive prices.