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Tagging Guns from Shop Supplies

Tagging guns are an extremely useful tool for retail businesses that sell items such as clothing. Tag guns are usually pistol shaped for user ergonomics and are available in different sizes.

The benefit of these tools is that they provide a simple and secure method of attaching tags and labels to articles of clothing. An attacher tag is loaded into the gun and the needle pierces the item, affixing the label safely, quickly and without damaging the product. 

Tagging your items is beneficial for your customers and also your business. Customers can easily find product information and pricing on specific items rather than searching for corresponding shelf tags (especially if items have been misplaced by a previous customer). In addition to this, your staff can more easily scan the items, making the checkout process more efficient.

Shop Supplies sell a variety of tagging guns as well as all of the required accessories such as: 

·      Attacher tags to attach the labels to products

·      Tagging needles to pierce the item without damage

·      Hanging tags to convert items for presentation on hangers

Have a look at our range of tagging guns and tagging accessories to meet your pricing and labeling needs.

Our trained representatives are always on hand to answer product enquiries or provide advice so don’t hesitate to phone (02) 9773 0246 or email us at store@shopsupplies.com.au for help or assistance.

As a proudly Australian owned online operation, Shop Supplies only stocks high quality items and offers a 12 month warranty on all items.