Data Strips

Shop Supplies Data Strips

It’s easy to direct all of your focus on planning your shelving and fit outs, but displaying your products is only one part of effective retailing. The other important factor is clear and logical pricing.

In the typical retail experience, customers will be drawn to a product on a shelf and their first instinct will be to look for a price. This is where data strips are an important, and are an effective way to display this information clearly. Fortunately, Shop Supplies has a large range of data strips that can be implemented with different shelving types.

The Shop Supplies data strip difference

There are a few main things to consider when deciding on the type of pricing display to use:

  • The type of application - Will the pricing be in a refrigerated section? Cold environments may require a material that doesn’t frost and an adhesive that is strong enough to maintain grip when mounted.
  • Your preferred mounting method - Would you prefer to integrate your pricing information into the shelf ledge, hang it below the shelf, or clip it on?
  • How often will you need to change or customise the tickets? - If you are going to regularly be changing or editing your tickets, you may want to consider a less integrated data strip that will be easy to access and edit.
  • The amount of information you need to display on the ticket - If you are only displaying a price figure, a smaller strip will suffice, but if you intend on incorporating product information you may want to utilise a larger data strip to ensure the information will fit and still be legible.

Why choose Shop Supplies for your products?

Shop Supplies is an Australian-owned distributor that is dedicated to providing Australian retailers with the best possible shop products for the most competitive prices. We do this by being an online-only store, which means that the money we save on overheads are passed onto our customers.

So if you need data strips for your retail business, have a look at our range of products today. And as always, if you need any help regarding our products then a trained staff member who can assist you is just an email away at