Set of 4 Black/Yellow Safety Retractable Barriers


Set of 4 Black/Yellow Safety Retractable Barriers

Set of 4 Black/Yellow Safety Retractable Barriers SKU: CROW-YB4

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Set of 4 Black/Yellow Safety Retractable Barriers


Our retractable safety barrier is constructed to be highly visible through its yellow powder-coated post and black/yellow striped belts.

Essentially, our safety retractable barrier will alert people passing-by to the hazardous and dangerous area nearby.

The safety retractable barrier will act as belt post barricade to alert visitors to potential hazards in warehouses, factories, roadside work, and shopping centres.

The retractable belt is 2m long, providing plenty of cover to attach to a wall connector or other stanchions.

The crowd barrier/retractable safety barrier has a weighted base (8kg) that provides stability in public areas in order to remain upright.

The top of the steel post features a 4-way connectivity design allowing multiple set-up requirement. The base of the safety belt barricade and retractable barrier also has a protective rubber sole to prevent floor scratching.

The 920mm height prevents visitors from entering the area, with the connector at the end of the belt featuring a tamper-proof clip ideal for use in public locations.

Buying Guide
  • 4 way connectivity design.
  • Each Stand has its unique 2m x 48mm YELLOW AND BLACK Striped Retractable Belt
  • Our Retractable Safety Barrier has a yellow finish ensures post is highly visible
  • Easy Assemble
  • 320mm wide base
  • Rubber base design to avoid scratches on floors.
  • Durable Metal plate assemble on base to add weight.
  • Height: 920mm
  • Material: Powder coated steel finish in yellow for poles, matte black finish for base
  • Weight: 7.5kg each individual stand
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