Cool Room Shelving

Cool room shelving from Shop Supplies

Many businesses such as supermarkets and liquor stores require specific shelving solutions for refrigeration and freezer rooms. In this case, the shelving units should be constructed from materials that are suitable for use in refrigerated environments and have appropriate plating to prevent rust for safety and hygiene purposes.

Shop Supplies sell a range of shelving units that are suitable for use in cool rooms. Our products are made from galvanized metal and have zinc plating, which makes them ideal for such applications. Zinc is the most common coating for corrosion protection as it is one of the easiest metals to plate, giving good protection without the need for any other chemicals.

Being able to withstand heavy loads is another requirement for cool room shelving and we only stock heavy duty shelving units for this reason. We have boltless free standing units as well as wire shelving systems which are easy to assemble without tools.

If you’re looking for a shelving solution for a cool room, or simply need some heavy duty freestanding shelving, take a look at our range. We offer national delivery and we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. All products are delivered to your door in perfect order.

Being an online-only business means that we don’t have overheads, so we are able to offer our customers highly competitive pricing on all of our products. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, simply contact us and we will do our best to find you a solution through our network of suppliers.

You can reach us by phone on (02) 9773 0246 or email at Shop Supplies are your shelving experts and we are always ready to help.