Gondola Shelving

Shop Supplies delivers best-price superior quality Gondola shelving to Australian retailers, big and small.

Shop Supplies Gondola Shelving

A gondola shelving unit is a free standing fixture that can be used to display merchandise. Gondola store shelving can be particularly versatile for displaying a retailer’s products, as the shelf levels are fully adjustable and additionally we can provide a large range of fittings to display many specialised products.

This type of shelving is particularly popular in supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail stores, where maximum shelf space is required while still being economical at the same time.

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Looking to set up your retail space with effective shelving, or revamp your existing shelving for added impact?

Shop Supplies has a large range of gondola shelving units to cater to all of your retail display needs. We carry units in varying heights and widths, so fitting these to your store is simple and easy. We also carry double sided units, corner units and units with lockable wheels, so finding the best combination for your required application is guaranteed.

Most of our gondola shelves are available in white or hammertone finishes. We also sell endcaps, which help to achieve a complete and functional solution.

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At Shop Supplies, we pride ourselves on our customer service. So if you have any product questions or would like some expert advice on how best to integrate gondola shelving into your store, email the Shop Supplies team at store@shopsupplies.com.au today.

Our products are of the highest quality as we are a direct importer and have a large network of global suppliers. All of our products have a 12 month warranty, and our prices are highly competitive because we are an online-only business. Since our overheads are lower, we are able to pass on cost savings to our customers. We also offer Australia-wide delivery, and self assembly of the Shop Supplies shelving units is so easy that anyone can do it!

So choose the highest quality gondola shelving available, and contact Shop Supplies today.